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1. On Sep. 5th, 1979, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Personnel issued the (1979) No.23 Document to ratify the establishment of Zhejiang Broadcasting Research Institution.
2. On Dec. 20th, 1979, Zhejiang Broadcasting Institution started running on the first day of Jan. 1980 .
3. In Jun. 1987, the institution was moved to No.7 of JIAO GONG Road.
4. In Feb. 1991, the institution was renamed as Zhejiang Broadcast & Television Research Institution.
5. On Jan.1995, Zhejiang Tongguang Joint-ventures Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded and served as the experimental base of Zhejiang Broadcast & Television Institution. In June of the year, this company was identified as a high & new technology enterprise.
6. In Feb. 1995, the institution was moved for the third times. This time, the institution rented a place with 1400m2 for research and production.
7. At the beginning of 1997, the institution bought a building with 4700m2 in No.16 of Xidoumen Industry Park and was moved to its new home on the first day of Nov. 1997.
8. In the year 1998, under the support of Provincial Government, Provincial science committee, Provincial Reform Committee and Provincial Broadcast & Television Office, Zhejiang Broadcast & Television Technology Co., Ltd. was organized and set up by 7 legal companies and took the institution as its main body. On May 18th, 1999, this newborn company finished business registration.
9. By the end of 2000, the fixed asset of our company reached to USD 14,200,000.
No.31 Changsheng Road---our starting place, leaving our earliest group photo

1985---how far the time is! At that time we had been steadily believing the CATV industry that we dedicated in would have a bright future and we all felt proud as a member of this excellent and united team.

Once we worked shoulder to shoulder but someone moved and someone retired as time goes. Today we reunite together, feeling excited.(Photograph in 1996)

Our scientific research achievements are fruitful

In Oct 1999,Director Huang (the third on the left)won the Prize for CATV Outstanding Achievement that awarded by China Radio & TV Society

On Dec 29 1999, Zhejiang Government held the opening ceremony for 3 institutional innovation experimental units of scientific research institutions in Zhijiang Hotel

Director Huang and his team Paid a visit to TFT Enterprise in Silicon Valley, USA in Oct 1994

In Feb 1999, Zhejiang provincial Vice Governor Lu Songting inspected the NVOD working status

In ICTC 1999 session, the Vice Director of The State Administration of Radio Film and Television visited our exhibition

In Oct 1996, the Vice Minister of Ministry of BC&TV He Dongcai inspected our institution

In Dec 1999, Zhejiang provincial Vice Governor Lu Songting and the Vice Director of Zhejiang BC&TV Office Hu Ruiting inspected our institution

In 1997, the Vice Secretary-General of Zhejiang Government and he Vice Director of Zhejiang BC&TV Office investigated in our institution


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