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ZBL-ON-300AC RFoG Mini Optical Node

ZBL-ON -300AC Mini Optical Nodes with burst mode is a bi-directional optical node by one fiber

 transmission that combine the superior proven technologies of both the RF amplifier and optical 

components. In the forward receiver path, the node contains an Automatic Gain Control(AGC) circuit to maintain the output level over an input optical power of -6~+2dBm. In the return path.

 Automatic Optical Control(AOC) circuit is designed to reduce the return noise effectively, to lower the 

power consumption and prolong the working life. It is compact in size, high performance and high reliability, 

and can provide the full comptement of functions required by FTTB,FTTH networks.


Forward Receiver
λ Optical Wavelength   1540 1550 1560 nm
Vopt.in Monitor Voltage λ=1550   1   V/mW
Pin Optical Input Power Continuous -6 -1 2 dBm
F Frequency Range (optional) (Note1) 54   1002 MHz
FL Flatness of Frequency Response f=54 to 1002MHz   ±0.75   dB
S22 Output Return Loss   14 16   dB
Lo Reference Output Level (Note2)   20   dBmV
  Optical Input Return Losses   45     dB
C/N C/N 98 Pal-D channel loading,
10dB low above 550MHz
(-1dBm Optical Input)
50     dB
CTB CTB     -65 dB
CSO CSO     -60 dB
f Equivalent Noise Input f=55MHz     7 pA/Hz
Return Transmitter
λ Optical Wavelength 1590/1610 are available 1290 1310 1330 nm
Wout Optical Output Power   0.5 2 3 dBm
LRin RF Input Level    10 25    40 dBmV
F Frequency Range (optional)   5   42 MHz
FL Flatness of Frequency Response f=5 to 42MHz   ±0.75     ±1 dB
S11 Input Return Loss f=5 to 42MHz 14 16   dB
  Optical Output Return Loss   45     dB
Burst Mode*
P-ON Power at which optical turn ON (Note3)   15   dBmV
P-OFF Power at which optical turn OFF (Note3)   -4   dBmV
T-ON Time to 90% optical ON       1.3 ms
T-OFF Time for optical falls to 10%       1.6 ms
General Paramters
Itot Total Current Consumption (DC) V+=12V   280   mA
Tmb Operating Mounting Base Temperature   -20   55


Note1:54 to 1002MHz:different frequency is available (e.g.85 to 1218MHz).
Note2:The power output is measured at 1002MHz.
Note3:Burst mode parameter can be adjustable according to customer's request.


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